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46888Re: [civilwarwest] Retreat and Fall Back

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  • jlawrence@kc.rr.com
    Dec 23, 2010
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      .  True, Holly Springs was a successful confederate stroke but it did nothing but delay Grants continued advances on Vicksburg.  It did not change Grant's objective, only how he got there.  Grant did not retreat from Holly Springs but, yes he did change his base of supply and axis of advance. 


      I am not sure Grant ever retreated.
      The Holly Springs thing was one of what, six failed attempts to seize Vicksburg? With his supply line cut and the railroads being torn up, he just retrenched and looked for another way in.
      What is always overlooked is what Grant learned-that body of troops, cut off in hostile territorty but previously unravaged by war, can support a march or maneuver by foraging the enemy for provender.
      And he did it. And he learned.
      The next year, in fear Napoleonic in execution of not in scope, using a grand calvary raid as a diversion, he conducted a successful river crossing below the city.
      He cut himself off and, using the foraging tactic learned the year before, he drove into the state ma took the capital
      This time it was Grant tearing up railroads and burning enemy assets. Securing his rear, he marched/fought his way back to Vicksburg, eventually securing it's fall.
      The winter next, Grant, Sherman and Lincoln devised a plan that, using the same tactic, would gut the south in the east.
      retreat hell


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