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46795HISTORY : The Civil War in Texas and New Mexico

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  • rbaquero@netzero.net
    Jul 28, 2010

      Interview with Steve Cottrell
      Author of The Civil War in Texas and New Mexico

      Did you know that eleven days before Fort Sumter, South Carolina, was fired upon, the War for Southern Independence had already begun in Texas?

      The War in the West has not been the focus of much attention, but it was the location of fierce fighting and stormy conflicts. Not everyone wanted to secede from the Union, although between sixty and seventy thousand Texans volunteered to take up arms. Sam Houston, governor of the territory in 1861, opposed secession and was forced out after the legislature approved it. Texas troops proceeded to conquer the New Mexico Territory (all of the present-day states of New Mexico and Arizona) for the Confederacy.

      The war was all the more difficult in the West, because they had a unique problem: defending themselves from hostile Native Americans and Mexican bandits while also fighting the Federal forces. Many skirmishes were fought against those enemies.

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