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46766RE: [civilwarwest] .69 caliber Minie Ball Mystery

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  • Tim Garton
    Jul 10, 2010
    This group of Civil War bullets has a variety of calibers, including the 69 three ringer, and even a 72 caliber round ball. All dug in Springfield Mo.

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    Date: Sat, 10 Jul 2010 12:57:35 +0000
    Subject: [civilwarwest] .69 caliber Minie Ball Mystery

    I thought I saw one recently in a museum [more on that later]. Now I have my doubts, I don't believe there is any such thing. Later researching seems to indicate the Minie type was made up to .58 caliber and not larger, nor was there any such thing as a .69 caliber rifled barrel, which would be necessary for a .69 Minie Ball to work. Also, I would think a .69 caliber Rifled Musket would be so famous we would have heard of it over and over again. However, these assertions I am now somewhat confident about could be wrong.

    Probably the museum mislabeled it, but I don't understand now why I wouldnt have spotted it as a round musket ball [of course the Minie is not round]. I should have suspected that, so if it was round I seem to have been off my game! Hopefully I wasnt so stupid as to have morphed "ball" into "Minie ball" on my own and not even looked harder at the durn thing. So possibly I did in fact see one.

    I thought I would check here to see if anyone could shed light. Shotgun's site has a reference [see below] indicating that there was such a .69 sized minie. For my above assertions to be correct, the author would have to have simply made a mistake, and I am guessing so. Unnamed, he does list references perhaps someone could check. My Hogg's "Weapons of the Civil War" certainly does not mention such size in the Minie, and I have found him to be reliable.

    Shotgun's link:

    note the below link adds to the confusion, suggesting the Harper's Ferry Rifle was actually a smooth bore, but leads one to believe it was possibly converted to .58 rifled bore in later versions, and does not really rule out a rifled .69 caliber *sigh*


    nothing else I found seemed too trustworthy, nonetheless in some cases .69 caliber minie is claimed for fact. So for now this is unresolved for me.

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