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  • rbaquero@netzero.net
    Jun 6, 2010

       Hi !  Do you know if ...... President Jefferson Davis had something to do with Longstreet and Johnston ?

      - Raul

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      Hey Hank

      I agree, note that where Longstreet looked not so good was at Knoxville where he was asked to do something against this line of thinking. It probably was reinforced at Chickamauga, since just about the best that could be hoped for offensively accomplished little from a total Campaign view, yet cost plenty of blood.

      --- In civilwarwest@yahoogroups.com, "hank9174" <clarkc@...> wrote:
      > Actually Old Pete's actions were probably better aligned with Southern aspirations than other, more exalted, Confederate leaders.
      > The doctrine of strategic defense espoused by Longstreet and Johnston would have saved both territory and lives...
      > HankC
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      > > The more that I study and read of this conflict, the less that General Longstreet impresses me seems like a lot os what he did was not beneficial to the cause of the South. Am I alone in this? comment please thanks and God Bless
      > > Gary
      > >

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