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  • Tony
    Dec 2, 2009
      --- In civilwarwest@yahoogroups.com, Patricia Swan <pbswan@...> wrote:
      > Let's see. Did Grant order Sherman to Memphis to take the
      > troops that McClernand was gathering there down to Vicksburg?

      Grant was ordered to do so by Halleck.

      > Did Grant plan to keep up pressure on Pemberton and fix him
      > in position, preventing his going to Vicksburg?

      Yes, which Grant did. Only two brigades reached Vicksburg before Sherman's assault, both of them were ordered south before Pemberton knew that Grant was withdrawing back to Vicksburg. Neither brigade participated appreciably in the fighting at Chickasaw Bayou.

      > Did Grant thus envision a coordinated action
      > between his troops and those with Sherman?

      No. If Sherman's movement had been successful in carrying Vicksburg or causing Pemberton to abandon Grenada, then Grant would have followed Pemberton closely and rendezvoused with Sherman on the Yazoo at some point. However, Sherman's movement failed to do either.

      > Please enlighten us.

      Done. Any other questions? :D
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