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46562Latest Edition of Blue & Gray: Chickasaw Bayou

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  • Tony
    Nov 30, 2009
      The newest edition of Blue & Gray covers Chickasaw Bayou. I'm curious if anyone has read it, and what your opinions are.

      I find it interesting that of the Confederate units mentioned in the description of the action, not a single regiment was from Grenada. A great deal more has been made of Van Dorn's raid than is warranted, in my opinion. There were two units ordered from the Grenada front that showed up prior to the assault, the smallish Vaughn's brigade composed largely of conscripts, and Gregg's brigade. Gregg's brigade sat unengaged in a reserve position, Vaughn's brigade sat guarding an unassaulted portion of the line. Both brigades were ordered south before Pemberton knew that the federals were moving back to Memphis from Grenada.

      I also think there is some room in the article for clarifying the political machinations behind Sherman's move. This was not Grant's riverine campaign for Vicksburg, it was Lincoln and Halleck's riverine campaign. For Grant to patiently scrap his plans for an overland campaign without complaint and defer to his masters sitting behind desks a thousand miles away seems superhuman to me. Contrast that to McClellan's reaction to Lincoln's comparatively minor meddlings, and we see why Grant was the man who would go on to win the war.
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