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  • Dick Weeks
    May 3, 2009
      Good idea on Dornbusch Dave. I checked that earlier in hopes that I might
      be able to help. Didn't find too much on the Internet after searching on
      Henry H. Rood and John Wesley Eyestone. However, they did make me think of
      something. I have a lot of regiments listed on the old LSU site that I now
      maintain. When I looked up the 13th Iowa I found that most of what was
      there was from the Official Records. However, there is a link to some
      letters by Seneca Thrall, also mentioned in Dornbusch. Since Mike mentioned
      letters in his original request these might be helpful.


      I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant,
      Dick (a.k.a. Shotgun)

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      From: "Dave Gorski" <amhistoryguy@...>
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      > >Does anyone know of a good reference for the 13th Iowa Infantry?
      > According to Dornbusch's "Military Bibliography of the Civil War,"
      > The most specific to the 13th Iowa would be:
      > "History of Company A, Thirteenth Iowa Vetran Infantry," written
      > by Henry H. Rood. It might be hard to find, printed in 1889.
      > A Cedar Rapids library or historical society might have a copy.
      > The is a family history written by John Wesley Eyestone, published
      > in 1910, that includes Eyestone's Civil War experiences with the
      > 13th Iowa Infantry. (106 Pages)
      > MOLLUS has several "Sketches of the Thirteenth Iowa."
      > "An Iowa Doctor in Blue," the letters of Seneca Thrall, edited by
      > Mildred Throne in 1960 shows some references to the 13th Iowa.
      > My suggestion would be to contact the historical society or library
      > at Davenport, Iowa, since that is where that particular regiment was
      > formed. If the local newspaper there was in operation at that time
      > they may also have stories on microfilm to share. Many local papers
      > followed "their boys" pretty closely and kept the public informed.
      > Another place to look would be -
      > The State Historical Society of Iowa and Iowa State Archives at
      > the Capitol Complex, 600 East Locust, Des Moines Iowa, 50319-0290
      > (515) 281-5111 - www.culturalaffairs.org
      > They might have the regimental books, rosters, hospital logs and other
      > correspondence specific to the 13th Iowa.
      > Hope this helps some. Good Luck.
      > Regards, Dave Gorski
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