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46236Re: [civilwarwest] Re: JAN -JUN 1862 in the western theater

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  • Joseph R. Reinhart
    Apr 13 2:05 PM
      Check Fort Donelson's Legacy: War and Society in Kentucky and Tennessee, 1862-1863 by Benjamin Franklin Cooling (Hardcover - Jul 1997) and Ken Hafendorfer's The Battle of Mill Springs, Kentucky. Also books on the Battle of Shiloh.

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      > I am trying to do a chronological analysis of the western theater from Jan -Jun 1862 and the importance of this period specifically. I have been unable to find good information of this period as to why it is significant; if it is significant and exactly what states defined the western theater in this time frame. Many historians differ on the territory and states considered the western theater. Best I can tell this is where Grant made a name for himself. This particular time in history seems to be left unexamined or I am looking in the wrong books. IT is easy to chronologically list the battles and the 1000 that died, but I want to learn what impact these battles had on the war, the people that fought the battles and the united states as a whole. Was this a turning point? Any insight or direction you can provide for this specific period would be helpful.

      Why Jan-Jun? That's very specific, and is not bounded by any logical events. Why not Feb-May? Why not Jan-Oct?

      That's a REALLY strange question for a new poster.


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