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  • Harry Smeltzer
    Dec 1, 2008
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      Yes, there were guards at the parole camps.  Check out Moe’s “Last Full Measure” for an account.



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      From the postings it seems we have at least one Reb who was willing to
      fudge on the rules and two Yanks seeming to indicate life wasn't so
      good as a POH.

      I have to figure it would be an exaggeration to say conditions were
      worse or even just as bad at a POH camp as a POW camp. Since there
      seem to be no guards, surely conditions had to be passable. You'd have
      to expect belly-aching of some kind, just from being forced to stay put.

      > >
      > I had a great,great, great uncle who served with the 15th Battery,
      > Indiana Light Arty. His unit surrendered at Harper's Ferry in Sept
      > 1862. When his unit was paroled the entire unit was sent to
      > Indianapolis. They were held at a POW camp there and they were not
      > used as guards. From the stories that I heard growing up, the paroled
      > union soldiers were sometimes treated more poorly than the Southern
      > prisoners were treated. I guess the treatment received by POH's
      > depended on where they were held and what their rank was.
      > Al

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