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  • James Strange
    Nov 20, 2008
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      Thank you all - I really learned something about the honor system that prevailed even in time of war -... 
      This makes perfect sence since he was allowed to visit with Nelson in the hospital - and that Nelson was taken to the "General" Hospital in St. Louis.  My grandfather was a stickler for always living up to your word - he said that he learned that from his father.  I know now where that came from. 
      Once again, thanks for all the help. 

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      Date: Thursday, November 20, 2008, 2:20 PM

      Benton Barracks was named for Senator Benton. Certainly some of those
      paroled at Holly Springs on Dec. 20th 1862 were held at Benton. Letters
      were written by them from those barracks. However, it is possible that
      not all were held in one location. Thus, Jefferson barracks (about
      which I know little to nothing) may have been a holding place as well.

      keeno2@... wrote:
      > I've not heard of the Benton Barracks. If there was a facility there,
      > it's not that far from Jefferson Barracks. For the sake of accuracy,
      > I'll accept Benton Barracks in that it adds to the explanation of why
      > Strange was sent to St. Louis. (On thinking that over, I was thinking
      > of Fenton. Whatever. It still makes sense.)
      > Ken
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