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45917Re: [civilwarwest] Re: Strange letter

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  • Nick KURTZ
    Nov 20, 2008
      Jefferson Barracks would be a logical place in St Louis. I know from
      another diary that they were kept in St Louis. I'll have to look at it
      again to see if he mentions where in St Louis. Eventually he grew tired of
      waiting, slipped onto a transport and rejoined his regiment outside of
      Vicksburg. Told his colonel he was tired of waiting, understood he could
      face death if captured again and promised not to ever be captured again. I
      would think a good colonel would send the man back rather than break a
      parole but maybe this part of the story was more bravado than truth.

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      >If I have this right, the paroled yankees were not under CS guard, but
      >the control of their own army, US. They were honor-bound to await
      >Brilliant. A classic example of thinking outside the box. At that time, a
      >parole was taken seriously. You left the army until you were notified that
      >had been exchanged.
      >Next question: Was St. Louis home? Or was there a facility there to
      >paroled men until their exchange?
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