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  • Tom Mix
    Nov 14, 2008

      I believe I can see a big helping of “the cause” from here already.



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      Somehow  I suspect that it will be from a WHITE Southerner viewpoint, keeping slavery out of sight.....

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      Harry Smeltzer wrote:

      Deeply Southern?


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      New Motion Picture About the War from a Southern View!

      Heartland Pictures is in the final phase of putting together the financing and planning production for a new motion picture "Rebel Private" written and directed by Chuck Untersee which will feature the War from the Southern view!

      "Rebel Private" will be filmed in Texas, Louisiana and Virginia. The writer-director, Chuck Untersee, is a Texan and twenty year veteran of the Hollywood film industry. Through burning zeal to illustrate aesthetic purity of the time by a visually driven romantic story and intimate combat intensity of the D-Day invasion in Saving Private Ryan, to the poignant relationships of Cold Mountain, he will create a visceral and riveting film. Rebel Private will be a deeply Southern, highly aesthetic, historically accurate, non "commercial" portrayal of the period. It is our intent to make the audience laugh, cry and most importantly. ..to think.

      If you are interested in participating in any way with the production of this movie, or just want more information about it, contact Chuck through the website at www.RebelPrivate. com 

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