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45864Re: [civilwarwest] Gen. James S. Robinson/ 82nd Ohio Infantry

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  • Joseph R. Reinhart
    Sep 30, 2008
      It was written by a captain of an Illinois regiment in April 1865 in a private letter. I am just trying to find out if
       anyone else ever made that same allegation? 

      On Sep 29, 2008, at 6:50 PM, DORR64OVI@... wrote:

      In a message dated 9/29/2008 7:10:16 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, sixthky@bellsouth. net writes:

      I have a letter that accuses Gen. James S. Robinson, former colonel of the 82nd Ohio of being distinguished by controversy and drunkenness. Has anyone see similar allegations before?
      Joe...who wrote the letter and when was it written?  A descendant of Robinson lives here in Mansfield Ohio and I can get message to him about this if you can provide more details.
      Kent Dorr

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