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45662Re: Was Logan dissed for higher command?

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  • guitarmandanga
    Jul 12, 2008
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      As far as I know, Hooker didn't blame Slocum for the outcome of
      Chancellorsville as much as he blamed Howard (whom he considered to
      be largely responsible for it). For his part though, Slocum
      detested Hooker for seemingly slaughtering the XII Corps at C'ville
      with little to show for it, and then abandoning the campaign. The
      rancor on Slocum's part ran so deep that when the XII Corps was sent
      with the XI Corps to help out at Chattanooga under Hooker's overall
      commander, Slocum requested to be reassigned. So the War Department
      promptly placed him in command of the Vicksburg garrison &
      environs. It was only after Hooker resigned in protest over
      Howard's promotion that Slocum was tapped to take command of
      Hooker's XX Corps. More than likely that choice was based on the
      fact that the XX Corps was in part composed of Slocum's former
      command (the XI Corps) anyway, and he would have been the most
      senior general in the immediate area. Of course, the fact that
      Slocum was Hooker's enemy could be those who wanted to see it as yet
      another slap in Hooker's face by Sherman & the War Department, one
      last rubbing of salt in the wounds as it were.

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      > Wasn't Hooker pissed off about Slocum getting a command as well,
      or am I getting my facts screwed up?
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      > Well everyone knows Hooker and Howard never saw eye to eye with
      each other. I think you can blame Chancelorsville on that one lols.
      > And I agree I think if Logan might have been give command of AOT,
      Hooker would have stayed in the war.
      > Hooker got mad because Howard, a regular officer like him, was
      placed in
      > command of the AotT, yet he'd been OK with a non-professional
      > being placed in command in his place? I doubt it.
      > Probably would have made him much more upset. Bottom line is
      > that he was the senior of Sherman's corps commanders and had
      commanded an army
      > once before. Logan would have made him just as mad, if not
      > madder.
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