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45660Re: [civilwarwest] Re: Was Logan dissed for higher command?

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  • keeno2@aol.com
    Jul 11, 2008
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      In a message dated 7/11/2008 4:21:48 P.M. Central Daylight Time, jvt1976@... writes:
      Logan would have made him just as mad, if not madder.
      Wasn't no way Sherman was going to appoint Hooker. Howard is a bit of a surprise, and Sherman had some agonizing to do. In the end, he chose a man who thought as he did and would react to orders as he wanted. I'd guess, when you're in Sherman's spot, you get to have things the way you'd like them to be.
      Sherman had a bellyfull of Hooker in the old days back in California. It's not so strange for a man like Sherman to keep those embers burning. He did have an enormous personal problem in turning away from Logan. And I don't doubt that the West Point syndrome was a factor.

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