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45657Re: [civilwarwest] Re: Was Logan dissed for higher command?

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  • Chadd Vail
    Jul 11, 2008
      Well everyone knows Hooker and Howard never saw eye to eye with each other. I think you can blame Chancelorsville on that one lols.

      And I agree I think if Logan might have been give command of AOT, Hooker would have stayed in the war.

      Chadd M. Vail

      --- On Fri, 7/11/08, Carl Williams <carlw4514@...> wrote:

      > From: Carl Williams <carlw4514@...>
      > Subject: [civilwarwest] Re: Was Logan dissed for higher command?
      > To: civilwarwest@yahoogroups.com
      > Date: Friday, July 11, 2008, 11:18 AM
      > apparently Howard getting the job was too much for Hooker,
      > who asked
      > to be relieved and "...finished the war in the quiet
      > sector of
      > Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. "* The author
      > of the
      > aforementioned book seems to suggest he would not have done
      > this if
      > Logan had gotten the job. In other words, he didnt stomp
      > off because
      > he didnt get the job himself.
      > * http://www.civilwarhome.com/hookbio.htm
      > --- In civilwarwest@yahoogroups.com, Jason
      > <jvt1976@...> wrote:
      > ... While Howard was a fine soldier his history as a corps
      > commander
      > in the east was not always exemplary to say the least.
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