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45654Re: [civilwarwest] Re: Was Logan dissed for higher command?

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  • Jason
    Jul 10, 2008
      I love Sherman but its seems to me this was West Point snobbery. Logan was a very good corps. commander, had fought in the west from the beginning, the soldiers liked him, and left the front for the most part on recruiting drives (IIRC). While Howard was a fine soldier his history as a corps commander in the east was not always exemplary to say the least.

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      I don't think Logal was dissed or anything. I think it was a matter of who was more experienced and qualified to lead armies. And of course the political arena. Wasn't Logan running for something political around the time of the Savannah campaign? Could that have been a reason why Sherman didn't give Logan command of the AOT.

      Chadd M. Vail

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      > Sherman fighting Prophet" by Lloyd Lewis,says Sherman
      > was thinking of
      > putting Logan to take over for Mac. but Thomas was very
      > much against
      > it and talked Sherman out of it. BvT
      > About a year ago (maybe longer) we had a discussion here
      > about this. After
      > Thomas was dead, Sherman claimed he let Old Pap talk him
      > out of promoting
      > Logan. However, it turns out that Sherman was basically
      > trying to shift the
      > blame for this from himself. At the time he wrote that
      > statement, Logan was a
      > powerful leader in Congress and had a large say in the
      > military's budget. As
      > General of the Army, Sherman correctly feared political
      > retribution from
      > Logan.
      > Kent Dorr
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