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45645Was Logan dissed for higher command?

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  • Carl Williams
    Jul 9, 2008
      Finished the book "Black Jack: John A. Logan and Southern Illinois in
      the Civil War Era" I Recommend it.

      The author discusses whether Logan was unjustly passed over as a
      replacement for McPherson when he was KIA. Interestingly, he gave
      Sherman's views on what he didnt like about "political generals."
      Seems that there is more to it than unthinking prejudice. I loaned the
      book to someone, so can't quote from it, but basically Sherman just
      felt that these guys typically just weren't full time. He was
      especially resentful when they would go home to campaign for
      reelection just as things were critical in the field.

      I have to admit Sherman has a case there, if true.

      Makes you wonder if the prejudice against non-west point was a little
      more founded in solid reasons than you might think.

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