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  • Tom Mix
    May 24, 2008


      No matter how delusional or warped Booth may have been he had a plan limited to killing a few people for, in his bazaar mind, would aid in his political aims through their deaths.  Where as Bloody Bill just used war as an excuse to kill and to kill often and to kill any one.



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      Yes, Tom, I think it is a puzzle. There might be some mixed up people
      who want to think John Wilkes Booth died in Oklahoma in the 20th
      century, but we don't seem to have a modern day heated debate on the
      internet about the matter.


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      > Fair question. I have not seen anything from them on this site in
      quite a
      > long time but then I have not seen much at all on this site in a
      long time.
      > To me they are a bit too dedicated to their admiration of Anderson, who,
      > IMO, was no one to admire. Just a cold blooded killer who enjoyed
      his work a
      > bit too much.
      > Tom

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