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  • Sally Goodson
    May 24, 2008
      One of the things I am trying to research which lead me to join is the exemption from the conscript for men living in frontier counties in Texas. I'm not sure if I ever had the time to ask if anyone had information or could point me to information about this. I have information about the governor of Texas allowing an exemption so that men could protect the frontier from Indian attacks. I was just wondering if there were any official records siting who had ben exempt.

      Tom Mix <tmix@...> wrote:
      Fair question.  I have not seen anything from them on this site in quite a long time but then I have not seen much at all on this site in a long time.  To me they are a bit too dedicated to their admiration of Anderson, who, IMO, was no one to admire. Just a cold blooded killer who enjoyed his work a bit too much.
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              Very familiar with them... Why?

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      My hand is raised.

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      > Hi
      > How many groups have problem with the Bloody Bill group

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