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45556Re: what constitutes the "western theater"

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  • oneplez
    Apr 2, 2008
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      --- In civilwarwest@yahoogroups.com, "Troy" <cav1848@...> wrote:
      > im currently reading "the american Iliad" and they reference the
      > western theater as being chickamauga and chatanooga battles.I guess i
      > never thought of these as such. am i insane? maybe i dont knwo what
      > constitutes the western theater, is there a defined boundry? i always
      > thought of the western theater as: western tenessee- Shiloh, maybe
      > Nashville and Stones River, Mississippi campaigns obviously Arkansas
      > and Missouri campagins and even the Far western campaigns in Texas
      > Arizona
      > i spose there is a degree of interpretation
      > thanx

      At the time of the Civil War the Western theater was generally
      considered anything west of the Alleghenies and east of the
      Mississippi. The far west was generally considered west of the
      Mississippi up to and including California and was called "Trans

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