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45401Re: [civilwarwest] Re: Vicksburg, Grant and trapped and shelled Civilians

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  • Ronald black
    Feb 9, 2008
      No, Sherman did not leave a garrison at Atlanta.  Thats the point.  He cut his ties with the federal forces in Tennessee, no supply lines, no body could contact him until he got to Savannah.  They did not know where he was.  Hood's campaign after the fall of Atlanra, against Sherman's line of communications between Chattanooga and Atlanta helped Sherman in making his decision to abandon Atlanta.  Another example of how Hood was destroying the western confederate army.  
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      Which brings up a question: did Sherman leave a garrison at Atlanta? If so were they ordered to keep civilians out? I guess that was two questions.

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      Is "forced relocation" accurate? Presumably these citizens didnt just watch from the sidelines and then just march back in?

      Someone said "eviction." I thought that was accurate. Apparently, when Sherman left, Atlantans did go back.

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