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45370Re: Shelling Cities ; the Swamp Angel

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  • brainbent
    Jan 31, 2008
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      > > I'm still in shock regarding what happened in Vicksburg, the
      > is that the city was surround by Gen Grant's army, shell for ** 47
      > days ** the citizens had no watter, no food ( they were eating
      > and dead horses ) etc, shells were falling every where ...still
      > believe Grant did such outrage thing like that......
      > > - Raul
      > If memory serves me correct, there were no civilians killed at VB.
      > there were, it would be very few. Most of them evacuated their
      > and took shelter in caves along the banks of the Mississippi.The
      > majority of the shelling was towards Confederate installations and
      > fortifications. Their location was well known by the Union. As
      > Sherman gave safe passage to the civilians in Atlanta, I believe
      > Grant offered the same terms at VB. Whether the civilians took
      > advantage of it, I do not know. If there were shelling primarily
      > the homes of civilians, like in other cases, you would have a
      > scale fire amongst them as a result. This was not the case. As a
      > historian, one must separate the factual truth from myths and
      > tales. Hollywood and television believe in the latter way too
      > often. That includes the History Channel.

      There are numerous civilian accounts of the seige of Vicksburg and
      civilians were most definitely killed and the township targeted.

      See "Triumph and Defeat - The Vicksburg Campaign" by Terrence
      Winschel, Cheif Historian at the Vicksburg NMP, "Vicksburg" by A.A.
      Hoehling and "The Vicksburg Campaign, Vol 3, Unvexed to the Sea" by
      Edwin Bearss.

      These are not myths, Hollywood, or the History Channel by first hand

      Civilians were not allowed passage out of Vicksburg by Grant - their
      misery and starvation was a tool in the process of wearing down the
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