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4529Re: Cleburne and other innovators

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  • carlw4514@yahoo.com
    May 31, 2001
      Glad you found it interesting; too bad Upton didnt go to the West
      during the CW (I don't believe he did, that is), so we could talk
      about him more! Thanks for the bit on Frederick the Great. As for
      Forrest, BTW, I am going to try to re-read some books I have on him,
      but am not sure I have anything that talks in detail or specifics
      about what innovative ideas he might have had. A BATTLE FROM THE START
      , by Wills, is the best book I have found on the subject.
      --- In civilwarwest@y..., "John T. Coleman" <jtcoleman@p...> wrote:
      "... Upton is fascinating. Showed tactical talent at the end of the
      war and may have left a huge impact on the army, except he killed
      himself in San Francisco after the war...

      > Frederick the Great ran a famous set of tests in the 1760s...

      > John "
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