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44710Confederate Battle Plan for Shiloh 1862

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  • Perry Gray
    Nov 6, 2007
      List members,

      I am writing an article about the Battle of Shiloh and wanted to know
      if anyone can provide an explanation for the unique battle plan used
      by General PGT Beauregard. He deployed each corps in a single line
      rather than assigning sectors to them (left center, right, reserve).

      I would also be interested in any reference material explaining why he
      did this.

      I have read several accounts of the battle including "Shiloh: Bloody
      April" by Wiley Sword, articles by Stacey Allen (park historian),
      "Army of the Heartland" by TL Connelly and the booklet published by
      Eastern National for the battlefield park. None give any reasons for
      the strange deployment, although most indicate that it created serious
      problems for command, control and movement.

      Perry Gray
      Editor Saga Newsletter
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