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44623Re: Ohioans in the Civil War

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  • gnrljejohnston
    Oct 7, 2007
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      --- In civilwarwest@yahoogroups.com, "jbissla" <gabriel@...> wrote:
      > As an Ohioan (as well as a Western Theater devotee), I am most
      > interested in the key roles Ohioans played in the Civil War. To
      > generate more useful discussion about this, I recently established a
      > blog with daily posts reporting the war, day by historical day, as it
      > was experienced by Ohioans. Your comments, criticisms, and
      > are invited on http://www.bloodtearsandglory.blogspot.com/ While I
      > readers will enjoy the day-to-day account of Ohioans at war, I also
      > hope to learn a great deal from readers' comments. Fire away!
      > Jim Bissland, Bowling Green, Ohio

      I only wish that someone would write a decent biography of the 46th
      Ohio rather than the vindictive writings of Col. Thomas Worthington.
      He was cashiered by Sherman, only to have it reversed as a result of
      his political connections. If only Brig. General Charles Walcutt had
      written the regiment's biography, for he truly was a leader where
      Worthington was nothing but a bragging know-it-all. For example,
      Worthington described Col Stephen Hicks of the 40th Illinois as an
      illiterate bumbling fool, whereas Hicks was a well known lawyer in
      Illinois that practice law along with Lincoln. Hardly an individual
      that was illiterate. The 46th deserves better than Worthington.

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