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44604Re: [civilwarwest] Ohioans in the Civil War

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  • rbaquero@netzero.com
    Oct 2, 2007


       Hi Mr Bissland !

                             I want to thank you for this information regarding your work on Civil War, your book looks to me very interesting and I'm planning to ge it also, as a Cuban-American I feel strongly concern abaut  what happened during those tragic years of 1861-65 to the American families and non americans like the Cubans living in this country and wht they did :

                   www.latinamericanstudies.org then click ; Cubans in the U.S. Civil War ( 1861-65 )

                         One of them was a Confederate General Ambrosio Jose Gonzales, good friend of Gen G.P.T. Beauregard, and the Officer in charge of the Department of Artillery for the States of S.Carolina, N. Carolina, Georgia and Florida .

                                        Your humble servant .

      - Raul Hernandez-Baquero

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