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  • Carl Williams
    Sep 27, 2007
      --- In 44598, "jgillen94" <jgillen94@...> wrote:
      > Just finished reading Cunningham's "Shiloh and the Western Campaign of
      > 1862" and would highly recommend it. This is the first book I have read
      > on Shiloh. The one thing that stuck in my mind is "What would of
      > happened if A.S. Johnston had not been killed?" I am sure there is
      > argument for all sides. Does anyone know of any written articles on
      > this topic?

      I'm sure we have discussed it here. Impossible to come to conclusions
      in a forum like this, but what I've gotten out of it is that the
      common conclusion is that ASJ getting killed was critical, but several
      posters seem to say that the battle would have gone about the same way
      and they make good arguments.

      To that I would only question:
      *to some degree common sense would say it had to be "huge"
      *for the concept of fighting battles that ASJ had, it was critical for
      him to be there on the battlefield

      Our old friend wakefield might have posted the best description of
      what *was* fundamentally flawed in the battle plan in message #2452
      Because it was flawed, ultimate victory for the CS side just might not
      have been possible regardless.

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