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44480Re: [civilwarwest] Re: Tunnel Hill

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  • Dave Gorski
    Sep 12, 2007
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      > First of all, it is the "Cheetogeeta" mountain, but you are not
      >the first to mix that one up! (G)

      I would say that as far as I can tell you are the only one who
      calls it "Cheetogeeta Mountain,"
      pehaps you are just using a phonetic spelling.

      A Yahoo search provides no hits for that name, while a search for
      Chetoogeta Mountain provides
      145 hits. Four articles I have from the Daily Citizen News of Dalton
      Georgia report the name of
      the mountain as "Chetoogeta" as well. A typed page on the tunnel
      that I picked up at Tunnel
      Hill (back when the police dept. and town offices were in a trailer)
      states that, "The tunnel goes
      thru Chetoogeta Mountain." It should also be noted that the Tunnel
      Hill Heritage Center also
      states the name of the mountain that the tunnel goes through as
      "Chetoogeta Mountain."


      Regards, Dave Gorski
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