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  • Steve Hall
    Sep 2, 2007
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          This will be great for my talks this weekend!
      Steve Hall - Commander
      Lt. Col. William Luffman Camp #938
      Sons of Confederate Veterans
      Chatsworth, Georgia
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      Sent: Sunday, September 02, 2007 9:57 AM
      Subject: [civilwarwest] Re: Stealing the General

      Raiders who did not receive the MOH:

      James Andrews (civilian)
      William Campbell (civilian)
      Charles P. Shadrach
      George D. Wilson
      Samuel Llewelyn (never sought the award; he did not participate in
      the theft of the General and apparently believed he did not deserve
      the medal)

      Kind regards,
      R.S. Bonds

      --- In civilwarwest@ yahoogroups. com, "Steve Hall" <Tunnelhill@ ...>
      > Mr. Bonds,
      > Do you have a list of the members of the raid who have not
      received the Medal of Honor? If so, I would greatly appreciate it
      if you could send me a copy. I have been in a dispute with the
      museum in Kennesaw concerning the Medal of Honor in that they have
      the pictures of ALL of the raiders on their wall and have a picture
      of the MOH under ALL of them. Whether or not any of the men who did
      not receive the medal deserve it, or will get it, my position is
      that if they have not received it, the medal should not be pictured
      with them on this wall. As a matter of fact, if they would remove
      the pictures from the ones who do not have the medal, it would help
      those seeking the medal for these men in that the public would be
      made more aware of the fact that not all of them have received it.
      > I will be conducting tours this coming weekend at Tunnel Hill
      and the locomotive chase is, of course, part of the history I tell
      about and a listing of those who did not receive the medal would be
      of great use to me. I can also use this chance to let people know
      which ones did not receive it, and why.
      > Any help would be greatly appreciated, and I invite you and anyone
      else who is in the area to come to Tunnel Hill Sept. 8-9 for our
      annual War Between the States reenactment.
      > Steve Hall - Commander
      > Lt. Col. William Luffman Camp #938
      > Sons of Confederate Veterans
      > Chatsworth, Georgia
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      > From: russellsbonds
      > To: civilwarwest@ yahoogroups. com
      > Sent: Saturday, September 01, 2007 2:37 PM
      > Subject: [civilwarwest] Re: Stealing the General
      > Kent:
      > Thanks for the kind words; I'm really glad you enjoyed the book.
      > for your question on Andrews raider Pvt. Shadrach: Charles
      > P. "Perry" Shadrach (or Shadrack, in some versions) was the
      > private's nom de guerre; he was born Philip Gephart Shadrach,
      > hated his name because his older brother teased him and called
      > him "Flip." (See pp. 51-52 and accompanying notes in my book for
      > more on Shadrach). I'm not sure that he "ran away" to enlist;
      > rather, I think he simply took the opportunity at enlistment
      time to
      > change the name he disliked.
      > It appears that Pvt. Shadrach wasn't awarded the MOH for the
      > reason that no one ever sought it on his behalf. However, I'm
      > that an effort is underway, led by certain members of the
      > Congressional Medal of Honor Historical Society, to obtain the
      > of Honor for Shadrach and fellow raider George D. Wilson. I'm
      > sure where this stands; the last I heard it had the support of
      > Voinovich's office and (supposedly) had been approved through
      > entire chain of command up to the White House.
      > With best regards,
      > Russell Bonds
      > Marietta, Georgia
      > --- In civilwarwest@ yahoogroups. com, DORR64OVI@ wrote:
      > >
      > > In a message dated 8/30/2007 5:07:25 P.M. Eastern Daylight
      > > jillandruss@ writes:
      > >
      > > Friends:
      > >
      > > I'm the author of "Stealing the General" (the aforementioned
      > on
      > > the Andrews Raid); and am pleased to report that the film
      > to
      > > the book has been optioned by Paramount. Of course, it's only
      > > an "option," and that's a long way from production, but here's
      > hoping
      > > we'll see a new version of the story on the big screen.
      > >
      > > Kind regards,
      > > Russell Bonds
      > > _www.stealingthegen ewww.ste_
      (http://www.stealing thegeneral. com)
      > >
      > > Mr Bonds....I was very pleased with your work on the Andrews
      > Raid. It was
      > > well researched and was a needed addition to Civil War
      > A number of
      > > years ago when I first got interested in CW reenacting the
      > of the
      > > conflict, a co-worker of mine brought the Raid to my attention
      > a personal
      > > reason. She claimed to be a relative of Perry Shadrachs and
      > related to me a
      > > story about his not receiving the MOH. IIRC, the story was
      > he had enlisted
      > > under a false name as he had run away to join. Your book makes
      > no mention
      > > of this and I was wondering if you had come across this tale
      > your research?
      > >
      > > Kent Dorr
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
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