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  • Steve Hall
    Sep 1, 2007
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          I agree that more of the land needs to be preserved, but we should not rely on the Federal Government to do this.  Here in the Tunnel Hill/Dalton area, we have stepped forward and gotten our local city and county governments involved.  As a result, we have restored the old railroad tunnel in Tunnel Hill, built a Heritage Center and Museum, have restored and preserved the Clisbe Austin house (Gen. Hood's hospital after Chickamauga, and Gen. Sherman's HQ) and have just acquired the original Tunnel Hill Depot.  We have also had a lot of help from the City of Dalton in restoring and protecting the Dalton Confederate Cemetery, the Dalton Depot, and the ONLY statue of Gen. Joseph E. Johnston.  The County has also stepped up in acquiring 625 acres of battlefield land on Buzzard's Roost!  (BTW, the fire up there is out and most of the underbrush went with it!)
          Yes, some of this was achieved in the end with Federal grants, but it took the local governments to step in and get the ball rolling.  Too many times when we want to preserve something we tend to go to the deepest pockets first, but if we can get the shallower pockets, the local governments, interested, they can tap sources further up the food chain a lot easier that we can with our preservation groups.  The 625 acres started out with state Green Space funds, which, along with local and private funds, was used to get federal matching funds to more than double the amount of land which could be purchased and protected.  The cities and county are looking at other land to protect at the present time as well.  They are keeping an eye out for other sources of funds which can be acquired by city and county governments for this type of project, funds that can not be acquired simply by going to the feds directly. 
          Basically, it seems that much more can be done by working locally and getting your local governments interested since they have more resources to go after the federal money than any of the preservation groups have access to.
      Steve Hall - Commander
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      Chatsworth, Georgia
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      Let me make a political comment here.
      The great need today is for land preservation, not a medal of honor for someone who died over a century ago. Yes, Shadrach deserved one, but he didn't get it.
      Instead of spending the government's time and money (which money is, after all, MY money and YOUR money) if would be better to spend the energy preserving more of the terrain as a real monument to the men of the Andrews Raid.
      Now I will get off my soapbox.

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      In a message dated 9/1/2007 2:38:28 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, jillandruss@ bellsouth. net writes:
      It appears that Pvt. Shadrach wasn't awarded the MOH for the simple
      reason that no one ever sought it on his behalf. However, I'm told
      that an effort is underway, led by certain members of the
      Congressional Medal of Honor Historical Society, to obtain the Medal
      of Honor for Shadrach and fellow raider George D. Wilson. I'm not
      sure where this stands; the last I heard it had the support of Sen.
      Voinovich's office and (supposedly) had been approved through the
      entire chain of command up to the White House.
      Russ...I did a web search on Shadrach and found that a new bill was introduced in the House this Spring by Rep David Hobson of Ohio to obtain the MOH on Shadrachs behalf.  The bill was referred to a House subcommittee which is the first step in the process.  Hopefully it will begin to work its way to action.  It sounds like this effort was separate from the effort of the CMOHHS which IIRC has been going on for a number of years.  Dont know why that effort stalled.  Hopefully your book will generate more awareness of the Raid and its participants. 
         I am the Graves Registration Officer for the Ohio Dept of the SUVCW and would love to someday have a ceremony to place a MOH flagholder at Shadrachs grave to accord him the honor he deserves.  Ohio's new senator, Sherrod Brown descends from a Colonel of the 64th OVI and I would think we could enlist his support in the Senate.
      Kent Dorr


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