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  • thardy9@juno.com
    Jul 9, 2007


      Here is my input on these brigades:

      First Vermont Brigade:  East - VI Corps

      Iron Brigade:  East - I Corps, originally commanded by John Gibbon

      Irish Brigade:  East - II Corps, originally commanded by Thomas Meagher

      First New Jersey Brigade:  East, III Corps, originally commanded by Phil Kearny (?)

      Excelsior Brigade:  East, III Corps, originally commanded by Dan Sickles

      Philadelphia Brigade:  East, II Corps, held the Angle at Gettysburg under Alexander Webb

      Belknap's Iowa Brigade:  West

      Custer's Michigan Cavalry Brigade:  East, Cavalry Corps

      Heckman's 'Star' Brigade [?] ?

      Steedman's Brigade:  West, XIV Corps, originally commanded by George Thomas
      > And for the Confederacy:

      Texas Brigade:  East, DH Hill's Division, commanded by John Hood

      Stonewall Brigade:  East, Jackson's Division, originally commanded by Stonewall Jackson

      Orphan Brigade:  West, Army of Tennessee, originally commanded by John Breckinridge (?)

      Stuart's Virginia Cavalry Brigade: East, later expanded into Division, then Cav Corps

      Hay's Louisiana Tigers:  East, originally commanded by Richard Taylor

      Lawton's Georgia Brigade:  East, Jackson's Corps, originally commanded by AR Lawton

      First Missouri Brigade:  West, originally commanded by Sterling Price

      Gregg's South Carolina Brigade:  East, Longstreet's Corps, originally commanded by Maxcy Gregg, held the Railroad Cut at Second Manassas

      Rodes' Alabama Brigade:  East, Jackson's Corps, originally commanded by Robert Rodes

      Liddel's Arkansas Brigade:  West, originally commanded by St John Liddell

      Harker's Brigade:  West, XXI Corps, commanded by Charles Harker

      Granbury's Texas Brigade:  West, commanded by Hiram Granbury

      Wilder's Lightning Brigade:  West, XIV Corps, commanded by John Wilder, and converted into mounted infantry after Murfreesboro

      Tom Hardy, Kansas City


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