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  • Tom Mix
    Jun 21, 2007

      Thanks, James, I’ll take your advice.



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      > James,
      > I visited Amazon and checked what HPS games are available and found
      > Chickamauga, Gettysburg and Vicksburg but Shiloh and Franklin were
      > available in the used category. Can you recommend some others on
      Shiloh and
      > Franklin?

      I have them all. The game system is the same but the units, leaders
      and fields differ. This gets inot what you would like and how do you
      feel about the armies and battles in each campaign. You might want
      to start with Chickamauga for the AI specific games. After that you
      can decide what you want. Check HPS www page for screen shots and a
      more detailed write up on each game.


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