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43808Re: HPS Campaign Chickamauga

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  • James W. Durney
    Jun 17, 2007
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      HPS is short for HPS Simulations is the name of the comany that
      markets the games.

      AI is artifical intellgence and is the PC player.

      HPS has a website and you can do a find on John Tiller who is the
      author of this system.

      If you enjoy the TSS system these games will be great for you. When
      I saw my first Tiller game TSS was my first thought.


      --- In civilwarwest@yahoogroups.com, "Tom Mix" <tmix@...> wrote:
      > James,
      > Thanks for the great advice. I'll check out Amazon but first some
      > housekeeping issues: what does HPS and AI stand for? I have
      the TSS
      > games and thoroughly enjoy them.
      > Tom
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      > >
      > > James which game is this? I have never bought a PC game having
      > always played
      > > table top games. What are some good ones that a person can begin
      > with and
      > > will hold a person's interest and be good solo?
      > >
      > Tom,
      > I go back to the 1st edition of AH's Gettysburg in the 50s as a
      > wargammer. Family, work, space and a number of other things always
      > seemed to get in the war but I still bought games. The PC solves
      > problems of space and player.
      > If you ever saw SPI's TSS series on Civil War battles the HPS
      > is based on this. They are all called Campaign something and work
      > a historical and what-if series of stand alone games and one or
      > campaigns. The AI is not to good and the larger the battle the
      > it is. For that reason, I like Ozark which is MO in 1861 & 1862.
      > Chickamauga has a series of AI games and the few turns I played
      > to be a big improvement of the standard AI.
      > If you go on Amazon.com, they have most of the games and you can
      > reviews on each of them. Amazon has them for much less than buying
      > them through HPS.
      > James
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