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43805RE: [civilwarwest] HPS Campaign Chickamauga

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  • Tom Mix
    Jun 17, 2007
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      James which game is this? I have never bought a PC game having always played table top games.  What are some good ones that a person can begin with and will hold a person’s interest and be good solo?



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      My wife bought the game as my F-day gift and I can make the following

      Graphis are unchanged from the past games.

      The maps are larger and more inclusive. Chickamauga' s map runs North
      to Chattanooga and well south of the current NBP, as did the battle.

      The mix of battles when coupled with Campaign Franklin covers the
      AoT. I'm sure something is left out but I don't know what it would
      be or enough to miss it.

      They have included a series of AI games, at last! These are smaller
      games where one side's AI is well developed and designed to make a
      real game of it. I'm about 3 turns into one of them and the AI is
      fighting in a very historic and not stupid fashion. This is a real
      improvement over most of the games.

      Overall, I cannot be anything but bais having bought them all. I
      find them great historical games to play and fun too.


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