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43569Re: Battle of Iuka

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  • Tony Gunter
    May 2, 2007
      --- In civilwarwest@yahoogroups.com, "Kevin & Judy Coy"
      <thecoys1976@...> wrote:
      > Tony,
      > I think I agree with everything you have written. :)
      > Rosecrans told them of the delay. Told them of the
      > problems he was having. ISTM that if Grant and Ord
      > were expecting a battle...and one had not started, a
      > scouting party could have been dispatched to find out
      > why. Hell, for all Grant and Ord knew, Rosecrans
      > could have been completely surrounded and had to
      > surrender. You would think they would be a little
      > curious about what was happening and not wait until
      > after the battle and ....
      > Oh never mind, so many aphids in my rose garden. LOL

      Grant did send out two staffers to ride to Rosecrans and see what was
      going on. They also tried to make the return trip across country and
      got so lost that they didn't show up until the next morning.

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