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43461Re: McPherson's Flanking Movement at Port Gibson

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  • Dave Smith
    Apr 16, 2007
      You missed my point then.

      It wasn't whether there was a little or a lot of nuance missed at the
      Battle of Raymond.

      The nuances weren't considered important in the overall context in
      earlier versions of the history of the campaign.

      Gregg still retreats, Jackson still falls, and it's still "on to
      Vicksburg" for Grant.


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      > wrote:
      > >
      > > But to bring all this back to the topic at hand (and it does!), I
      > > think that for the early writers of Vicksburg (Bearss, Carter et
      > > the story wasn't in the details, but in the outcomes - what Port
      > > Gibson, Raymond, Champion Hill, etc. meant to the telling of the
      > > story. No matter who went up which ravine and when, Bowen's
      > > outnumbered forces still retreat and burn the bridge over the
      > > No matter where McPherson's horse might have been at Raymond,
      > > forces are still outnumbered and have to retreat.
      > I think there is a LOT of nuance to the Battle of Raymond that
      > missing.
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