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43460Re: McPherson's Flanking Movement at Port Gibson

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  • Tony Gunter
    Apr 16, 2007
      --- In civilwarwest@yahoogroups.com, "Dave Smith" <dmsmith001@...>
      > But to bring all this back to the topic at hand (and it does!), I
      > think that for the early writers of Vicksburg (Bearss, Carter et al),
      > the story wasn't in the details, but in the outcomes - what Port
      > Gibson, Raymond, Champion Hill, etc. meant to the telling of the
      > story. No matter who went up which ravine and when, Bowen's
      > outnumbered forces still retreat and burn the bridge over the bayou.
      > No matter where McPherson's horse might have been at Raymond, Gregg's
      > forces are still outnumbered and have to retreat.

      I think there is a LOT of nuance to the Battle of Raymond that you're
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