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43449Re: McPherson's Flanking Movement at Port Gibson

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  • Carl Williams
    Apr 16, 2007
      James, also, although you are correct that Bearss is getting some
      [rare?] criticism, I think you may not have realized that the
      McPherson being referred to is the Civil War General, not the historian.

      Personally, I think the most interesting aspect of what has come out
      of this whole review of Raymond, etc, has been that McPherson's
      performance has been understated at best... it's possible to say
      discredited, I think... and that 'just maybe' this started because
      Bearss was inclined to diminish that General's performance, rightly or
      wrongly. Some later historians seem to have failed to question what
      many here view as at least debatable.

      I'm going to try to see if I can find an old post where the publisher
      Savas wound up getting irritated that he had to defend an author over
      the matter. There just seems to be a "Vicksburg National Park" version
      of McPherson in the Vicksburg Campaign that is a bit entrenched,
      possibly incorrect, and certainly debatable.

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