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  • Harry Smeltzer
    Apr 13, 2007

      My copy still has not shipped from Amazon.  They say it has not been released yet.


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      I attended the annual Shiloh Battlefield Hikes last weekend..  There has been a significant reinterpretation of the battle since I started going to the park several years ago.  Among these is the fact that the fight for the Hornet's Nest played no significant role in the outcome of the battle.. Another major change is that Ruggles Battery had little to do with the collapse of the Hornet's Nest.. There were several others that I can mention if anyone is interested..


      At any rate, this new interpretation in a large part came from this document..  This book actually started life as a doctoral thesis back in the 60's..  It then lay dormant until after the author's death a couple of years ago.. Tim Smith resurrected this work and published it.. 

      According to the park rangers this is the most authoritative document on the Battle of Shiloh that is available.. The rangers highly recommend it if you are studying Shiloh...


      I got my copy at the Shiloh Bookstore.. Have not had a chance to read it yet but hope to change that this weekend

      "James W. Durney" <JWD2044@hotmail. com> wrote:

      The O. Edward Cunningham book, "Shiloh and the Western Campaign of
      1862" was in today's mail. This is a good-looking book with a 3-page
      list of maps, photos of the men and a modern photographic tour of the
      battlefield. Reading a couple of pages tells me this is going to be an
      excellent read.

      This is another high quality book from Savas Beatie.



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