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43428Re: McPherson's Flanking Movement at Port Gibson

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  • William H Keene
    Apr 10, 2007
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      One of the things that upsets me greatly in most books about the
      Vicksburg campaign (for example see Smith's Champion Hill), is the
      way McPherson's role at Port Gibson is ignored.

      --- In civilwarwest@yahoogroups.com, "Tony Gunter" <tony_gunter@...>
      > FWIW ...
      > Here's the ravine McPherson used to flank the federals at Port
      > Gibson. To have performed this, McPherson had to have made a mental
      > map of the creek beds that would be at the bottom of the ravines for
      > Lt. Colonel Richards of the 20th Illinois, then arranged for a
      > continuous roll of artillery to squelch the sound of 400 men
      > through the canebreaks into the rear of the Confederate position.
      > http://www.topozone.com/map.asp?lat=31.97012&lon=-
      > 91.04087&size=l&u=4&datum=nad27&layer=DRG
      > or
      > http://tinyurl.com/ytkbnw
      > I tried this manuever five times this Saturday, and ended up popping
      > up right where I took off three out of five times, and ended up
      > coming up the wrong ravine once. Once you get under the canopy 100
      > feet below the ridge tops, it's almost impossible to tell where you
      > are. In my own defence, I was trying to do this without the
      > advantage of a topographical map, and the ridge tops are no longer
      > open so I didn't have the luxury of studying the way the ridges fell
      > off in folds.
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