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  • gnrljejohnston
    Apr 6, 2007
      --- In civilwarwest@yahoogroups.com, "Tom Mix" <tmix@...> wrote:
      > In this group we support and help one another. We may disagree on
      events in
      > the Civil War but people usually pitch in to help each other out.
      > members for assistance any time and I think, no, I know, you will
      > positive responses.
      Lately I have been staying in the background, but keeping up with
      what is posted. I see no cause why anyone should be lambasted or
      insulted for a reasonable request. As far as Chicamauga is
      concerned, we have some fabulous experts like Dave and Sam that are
      within this forum to help us out. If not, for photographs of Chicka,
      may I suggest you look at Baumgartner and Strayer's Echos of Battle.
      Although this book is heavily on the Battle of Chattanooga, it does
      have quite a few photos of the Chicka battlefield. Then there is
      also the book, "The Chickamaga Campaign" by Abbazzia or the "The
      Photographic History of the Civil War...Three Volumes In One"
      published by the Portland House, all of which have a splendid
      photographic source of the battle.

      There is no reason what-so-ever for anyone to lose their cool and
      insult others within the forum. For the years that I have been a
      member, if one seeks help, one way or another, he/she shall receive
      help without having to put up with insults. Remember, education goes
      on from the womb to the tomb. There is no question that is foolish,
      only a few answers.

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