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  • Bill Godby
    Apr 6 10:02 AM
      I did reply to the guy last night off list, must have thought his email address wouldn`t show up in his message I guess. Put it this way, I was not very polite in the email I sent to him. You call me an Idiot for asking for a few simple photos of where 2 of my ancestors where killed since I am unable to make a trip down there?? Buddy, I hope you never need a favor from anyone!!!!
      If anyone would like to share any information on the 16th Alabama Infantry, 36 Virginia Infantry and the 17th Virginia Cavalry, contact me anytime. I would be more than happy to discuss them with you.
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      From: Tom Mix
      Sent: Friday, April 06, 2007 12:16 PM
      Subject: RE: [civilwarwest] Re: Chicamauga

      I agree with Steve and Hank here.

      There was nothing wrong with the request and such requests are consistent with past such discussions in our group. I for one have received a wide variety of advice and assistance from group members here and hope for more. Also, I have been asked things specifically and have felt honored for the requests. This is one of cool things about this fine group.  If I can ever help I would be honored by the request and I think most others here feel the same way.

      When did kindness and maturity become wrong? Not here. Not now. Not ever.



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