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  • Tom Mix
    Apr 6, 2007
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      I agree with Steve and Hank here.

      There was nothing wrong with the request and such requests are consistent with past such discussions in our group. I for one have received a wide variety of advice and assistance from group members here and hope for more. Also, I have been asked things specifically and have felt honored for the requests. This is one of cool things about this fine group.  If I can ever help I would be honored by the request and I think most others here feel the same way.

      When did kindness and maturity become wrong? Not here. Not now. Not ever.



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      Friday, April 06, 2007 10:53 AM
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                 Neither do I Hank.... I wonder why the group must hear/read such rudeness. I thought it was a decent question myself... And thought if everybody got together, we could have a pretty darn good "photo album" of all battlefields.

             IMHO..... Either lack of maturity...Or excess of some "libation".. ..

               Take care...

              Respectfully Your Humble Servant,

               Capt. McCracken... ....

      hank9174 <clarkc@missouri. edu> wrote:

      I do not see how a request for photographs would set you off?


      --- In civilwarwest@ yahoogroups. com, "pvtjessett" <pw541301@.. .>
      > --Compliments, Ya'll
      > I now know why I left this place, You People are more worried about
      > lives next to each other than what went on in your
      neiborhood. "Anyone
      > on the list live near Chichimuga"? ?
      > Thousands died there you bloody Idiot!!!!
      > Good bloody luck.
      > - In civilwarwest@ yahoogroups. com, "jrebohio" <nycstlrr@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Anyone on the list live near Chickamauga?
      > >
      > > After looking forward to a much anticipated trip to the
      > to
      > > trace the steps of the 16th Alabama,I now must cancel the trip
      due to
      > > unforseen circumstances. .....
      > >
      > > If anyone lives close by with a digital camera, could they snap a
      > shot
      > > or two of where the 16th fought for me?? Please contact me off
      > if
      > > you can.
      > >
      > > Thank you,
      > > Bill
      > >


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