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  • Tom Mix
    Mar 1, 2007


      You’re on to something.  I feel that I have made several friends here that I have visited on site and privately. I have never met any of them but yet I know them. Sometime I hope we meet at a battlefield and walk it together and talk and talk and talk and smile all the way.   



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      Might be a good time for an old lurker like myself  to weigh in and say how much I much I appreciate that the discussions here are always civil and informative.  And the fact they sometimes wander off into unintended territory is all the better.  It's always on topic (well, close enough).  There are many here that post all the time that even though I've never met them I consider as friends.  So just a word of thanks from one is doing his best to listen and learn.  Now, back to tall grass.  


      Ron Church

      Manchester MD 

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      In a message dated 3/1/2007 10:36:39 PM Eastern Standard Time, tmix@insightbb. com writes:

      I have not received a thing all night. Maybe because nothing is going on but if not I’d like to know why I’m not receiving anything any more other than discussions on not receiving anything from other member who have the same problem.





      Just a slow day in here, and not that many messages.  Have received evrything you posted since you mentioned you were having problems.


      Regards from the Garden State,


      Steve Basic

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