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42995Re: [civilwarwest] Hi I one of the ones who post from time to time,but

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  • keeno2@aol.com
    Feb 9, 2007
      In a message dated 2/9/2007 7:25:41 AM Central Standard Time, inline75067@... writes:
      I have found my great-great uncle who was with the 93th Indiana, died fall of 1863 and buried at
      Jefferson Barracks National in St louis,mo 9-16-1863. I have not found the conflict or illiness that may have claimed him.
      Could've been anything, Mike. The 93rd's engagement closest to that date was Brice's Crossroads in June of that year wherein Sturgis' troops (including the 93rd) were quite severiously mauled by Forrest. Your antecedent may have been wounded there and lasted until September before succumbing to his wounds. Or maybe not. He may have survived the battle and got run over by a wagon in September. Others on the board will certainly have better sources to help you fill in some possibilities.
      Good huntin.'
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