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42993Hi I one of the ones who post from time to time,but

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  • inline75067
    Feb 9, 2007
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      HI, first of all, you are the only Civil war group that seems to
      monitor the spam that comes. You wipe it out and that's great, I like
      to read the posts and I sometimes, post on different questions. I got
      into the group chasing family members who served with the 69th
      indiana, 93th Indiana,and the 145th Indiana. The 13th Maryland has
      just came up, I do like to read about the different subjects in the
      war, I am not a expert enough to really converse on the subjects
      without showing my lack of the subject. I have found my great-great
      uncle who was with the 93th Indiana, died fall of 1863 and buried at
      Jefferson Barracks National in St louis,mo 9-16-1863. I have not found
      the conflict or illiness that may have claimed him. If anyone had
      thoughts on this let me know. thanks mike-inline75067@...
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