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42957Aversaboro on Civil War Talk Radio

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  • Carl Williams
    Jan 29, 2007
      One of the more interesting of the last few programs.

      Seems our recently discussed Kilpatrick and Wheeler were there.
      Might have been a case where the talents of Hardee and Wheeler were
      able to be put to good use... a lucky coincidence maybe that those
      talents were exactly what were called for in each case? Kilpatrick's
      talents are shown to be lacking, overmatched this time by Wheeler?

      Using question marks as I am not all that up on the battle.

      from the blurb for the radio program:
      "The battle of Bentonville is the best known engagement, but it was
      preceded by a brilliant rear-guard action fought by General William
      Hardee at Aversaboro."

      from park service battle summaries:

      "On the afternoon of March 15, Judson Kilpatrick's cavalry came up
      against Lt. Gen. William Hardee's corps—consisting of Taliaferro's and
      McLaw's infantry divisions and Wheeler's dismounted cavalry—deployed
      across the Raleigh Road near Smithville. After feeling out the
      Confederate defenses, Kilpatrick withdrew and called for infantry
      support. During the night, four divisions of the XX Corps arrived to
      confront the Confederates. At dawn, March 16, the Federals advanced on
      a division front, driving back skirmishers, but they were stopped by
      the main Confederate line and a counterattack. Mid-morning, the
      Federals renewed their advance with strong reinforcements and drove
      the Confederates from two lines of works, but were repulsed at a third
      line. Late afternoon, the Union XIV Corps began to arrive on the field
      but was unable to deploy before dark due to the swampy ground. Hardee
      retreated during the night after holding up the Union advance for
      nearly two days.

      Result(s): Inconclusive "
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