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  • Joseph
    Nov 18, 2006
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      Well since I am new to this group or have yet to post anything in
      here I wanted to introduce myself and give a little background info.
      My name is Joseph, am 24 and live in GA. I have studied the American
      Civil War since I was 12 and have been a reenactor for 7 years. I
      mainly portray a Western Theater Confederate or Federal soldier but
      do the occasional Eastern theater thing and have to do any Tans-
      Mississippi portrayals. I don't wish to discuss my personal life
      too much on a public forum but feel free to PM through Yahoo
      Messenger if you like to talk about that. As for as my
      reenacting "career" goes I am more what you would call "progressive"
      since I am always striving to better my impression to educate and
      better represent my ancestors. I have attended the gamut of events
      from your typical "corndog fest" up to the "stitch counter" stuff. I
      am easy enough to get along with and will talk to just about anyone
      and love to help anyone who wishes to be more accurate in their ACW
      impressions. Just say HI sometime if you want to chat. Here are my
      units I belong too

      http://www.geocities.com/twelfthgeorgia/12th1.html These guys are
      mainstream/progressive with more going to the campaign side of
      things. I currently serve as a Sergeant within the group. We are
      also sponsoring an event, if you are in GA(or anywhere) we invite
      you to attend.

      http://www.geocities.com/joey_gangler/Flatlanders_Mess.html This is
      my "mess" company which I started a few years ago. We are all
      progressive minded and always on the look out for that event that
      will let us better experience what our ancestors went through.

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