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42563Re: [civilwarwest] Re: Book Recommendation - Stealing the General

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  • basecat1@aol.com
    Nov 8, 2006
      In a message dated 11/8/2006 9:41:02 AM Eastern Standard Time, jillandruss@... writes:
      Dear Bill, Ken, Bob, Tom and Steve:

      I'm the author of Stealing the General, and I recently discovered
      your group here. Thanks, Bill, for mentioning the book, and to all
      of you who have ordered it. Please post here or send me an e-mail at
      rbonds@.... com and let me know if you enjoy the book.

      I'm a lifelong Georgia resident--I grew up almost literally in the
      shadow of Kennesaw Mountain--and like all of you am a student of the
      war in the (still overlooked) West. Also, I'm considering a number
      of ideas for my next book topic. If any of you have a thought on a
      Civil War story, battle or character that deserves more attention or
      a new narrative treatment, please let me know.

      Thanks again; I look forward to participating in the group.

      Warmest regards,
      Russ Bonds
      Got my copy of the book last week, and I look forward to reading it.  If you are interested, we do have a CW chat room, and we do have book chats on CW books.  When a book is chosen, we "assign" homework, as in a few chapters to read each week for the discussion.  The topic of your book is quite a popular one for many who visit there, and am sure those involved would enjoy a chat on this event of the Civil War.
      If this is something you wish to participate in, please let me or my fellow moderator ks know, and we will schedule a discussion on the book accordingly.
      Best of luck with the book, and welcome aboard! :)
      Regards from the Garden State,
      Steve Basic
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